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Strong Girls And Boys Club


Next Tuesday is our final day for Strong Boys and Strong Girls Clubs for the summer. Both Groups will be together for a barbecue and Final Blast! We will meet at the lawn next to the police station at the Sacajawea Center. We have lots of fun water games planned, so prepare to get wet!
Final Blast and Barbecue
Meet at the Lawn next to the Police Station
At the Sacajawea Center
Next Tuesday 
August 4 
10 am to 1 pm


Strong Boys Club:

Work Together-Build Stuff-Create Projects-Play Games-Outdoor Activities

For Boys Club Call Bruce Murphy: 208-303-0119


Strong Girls Club:

Respect-Strength-Empowerment-Life Strategies-Self Esteem-Cooperation-Friendship-Crafts-Group Lessons-Games

Strong Girls Clubs Call Stacey Murphy: 208-303-0449